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Spring in Marquette


Spring in Marquette can be quite treacherous for most of us.  Sometime in late March or early April we get a couple of brilliant sunny days.  The ones that make spring skiing and snowboarding quite heavenly.  

All it really takes is just one sunny day to get everyone outside and ready for the many activities we've been longing to resume; walks on the bike path, frisbee in the park, and getting bikes geared up to hit the trail.  

And every year we ultimately forget what a torturous time the following month(s) can be as we most impatiently wait for consistent warmer temperatures while trying to make the most out of the nice days.

After becoming accustomed to the bright glow from the snow, the melting of it often makes it seem so dull outside.  I will find myself becoming disinterested in my usual workout regime and so annoyed that it isn't nicer out.  Then I am reminded be it a cool bike with the kids to school or a hike in the woods, that getting outside makes everything better.

So come on Spring let's do this! 

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